5 Industry Demands for Commercial Passenger Vans

There has always a large industry-demand for commercial passenger vans because of their functionality and cargo space. Whether it be for traveling with church youth groups, traveling with a sports teams, or transporting nursing home patients, passenger vans are constantly sought after. Lehman Leasing Van, Truck, and Bus Sales offers our customers a wide variety of commercial passenger vans for any and all occasions, plus you can expect competitive pricing! Learn how passenger vans are used in various industries across the country and why they are a popular commercial van option for many.

1. Senior Living Transportation

As nursing homes are required to have access to large passenger vans everyday, the demand is rising. While many facilities are leasing vans for their daily use, other facilities are beginning to purchase their own vans for convenience and peace of mind. These vans are very convenient for nursing home residents as it has wheelchair access, which allows the residents to get in and out of the van with ease. Nursing homes typically offer several outings per week to their residents that which enables them to leave the home and get out for a movie, lunch, or even just go to a park. With all of these outings, nursing homes are in high demand for large vans to carry many people at once to a various locations.

2. Hospitality & Resort Transit

From hospitals, airports, and local tourism, passenger vans are a must-have to ensure convenience, comfort, and efficiency in the hospitality industry. Passenger vans offer businesses in this industry to haul guests and their luggage to and from their lodging to the airport or train station. This feature is a must-have luxury for many travelers, so the need for passenger vans is great! An added bonus of passenger vans is the ability to uniquely brand the exterior for every hotel or transit business.

3. Large Family Commuting

We get it- sometimes you just don’t want to drive a minivan! If you are the head of a large household, you should be able to have options when it comes to a vehicle large enough to haul your entire family, and even friends. Passenger vans from Lehman Leasing Van, Truck, and Bus Sales provides you the freedom to choose that you have always wanted. With plenty of cargo space, impressive durability, and configurable seating, we see why countless families are making the switch to passenger vans for their household needs!

4. Sports Teams

From baseball and softball to football, soccer, or cheerleading, high school and college sports teams are always commuting for game day. Many schools are switching to passenger vans because of their functionality, room for all of the sporting gear, and ability to haul a large amount of teammates and coaches in the same vehicle, which eliminate parents and students to have to commute separately. Passenger vans are a score for all sports teams!

5. Churches and Youth Groups

Youth groups, mission trips, and community service are key aspects of church communities needing to travel outside of their campus. With passenger vans on-site, this provide these church groups to travel together to various events and can serve as a “church on wheels” for any community mission you may go on. The configurable seating and ability to brand the exterior for your church make passenger vans a viable option for any community outreach or church camp traveling your congregation may be doing.

There are many uses for passenger vans in countless industries in our society. What’s your reason for owning or leasing one? Keep browsing Lehman Leasing Vans, Trucks, and Bus Sales for the van that fits your business or family lifestyle today!

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