Come Check Out A Spacious Passenger Van in Miami

Does your business require you to drive groups of people around in the Miami area? If so, come down to Lehman Bus Sales and check out the passenger van in Miami. The vans that you can choose from at our dealership are magnificent and ready to be driven off our lot today. Besides looking for a new passenger van, you should also check out our fabulous finance department and different leasing options.

Passenger Vans
At Lehaman Bus Sales, we have plenty of vans made by different companies. We carry plenty of Chevrolet passenger vans like the Chevrolet G-4500 Eldorado. This bus comes with a V8 engine and is able to fit 21 passengers. If you like Ford vehicles better than Chevrolet, then check out the Ford Econoline Wagon XLT. This passenger van comes with a V8 engine and is able to fit around 15 passengers. At our dealership we also have a bunch of different Freightliner vehicles in our inventory. One of these vans is the Freightliner Sprinter 2500, which is able to seat about 12 passengers comfortably. These are just a few examples of the vehicles we have in our inventory, so be sure to check out website in order to view our full inventory.

Leasing Options
If you are not looking to purchase a van for your company, then be sure to check out the different leasing options we offer at Lehman Bus Sales. The experts in our leasing department will work with you in order to create the perfect lease for you. One perk of leasing a van rather than buying one is that you get to drive off the lot in a brand new van and only have to pay a monthly payment instead of shelling out the big bucks to buy it. So if you are interested in leasing a new van, box truck, or passenger bus then come down to Lehman Bus Sales and let our experts find the perfect lease for you.

Fabulous Finance Department
If you do choose to purchase a brand new van, truck, or passenger then let the experts in our finance department find you the perfect payment plan for your new vehicle. Our finance department offers all kinds of financing for you new car depending on how you wish to pay. A few options that we offer are direct in house simple interest financing, simple interest financing, and much more. So come down and check out our fantastic financing department in order to find you the perfect payment plan for your new vehicle and so that you can drive your new vehicle off our lot today.

Come Check out the Passenger Van in Miami Today!
Not only do we have box trucks and buses at Lehman Bus Sales, but we also have a passenger van in Miami that is just waiting for you! At Lehman Bus Sales we will work with you in order to find the perfect lease or payment plan for your current financial situation. So what are you waiting for? Come down to Lehman Bus Sales and test drive the vehicles available in our inventory today.

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