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When you’re in the business of transportation, or even more so if you’re in the business of transporting people, you’re going to need a commercial vehicle that you can really rely on. You also want to get these commercial vehicles from a dealership that has the experience of what you need. That’s where Lehman Bus Sales comes in with their plethora of commercial vehicles. Lehman Van, Truck & Bus Sales is also a family-owned commercial vehicle business affiliated with William Lehman Dealerships, so we know what you’re looking for in a commercial vehicle. And when it comes to budget, our dealership offers financing for all types of our commercial vehicle models. We’ve been handling all makes and models since 1968, so we’re not all just talk. We actually specialize in selling brand name Box Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Minibuses, Refrigerator Trucks, Box Vans, and Passenger Vans to customers all across the United States. Each commercial vehicle you for sale at Lehman Van Truck & Bus Sales in Miami, Florida gets a full inspection before going out on the lot. Lehman Van Truck & Bus Sales makes it a point to raise the bar when it comes to providing excellent customer service no matter where you are located. So whether you live all the way up in New York, down in humid Florida, or Sunny California, Lehman Van Truck & Bus Sales can serve you with excellent customer service.

Look for New & Used Transport Vehicles for Sale
When it comes to selection, getting your commercial vehicle from Lehman Bus Sales is the right choice. Lehman Van, Truck & Bus Sales’ new and used commercial vehicle inventory has multiple available passenger capacities as well as abundant seating configurations all wrapped up with a price that is sure to please. Lehman Van Truck & Bus Sales is able to provide vehicles for a business related transportation such as senior living, school or church visits, hotel, and shuttle use. The sizes can range from a large passenger heavy duty bus to a small passenger church van. Our Brands include Starcraft, Eldorado, Glaval, Krystal, Blue Bird, Goshen, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Isuzu, BCI, Freightliner, and International. When the reputation of your organization and the safety of your customers is at stake, let Lehman Van Truck & Bus Sales in Miami, Florida deliver the quality, price, and value you deserve.

Get Commercial Vehicle Finance or Lease Options
As an Independent Leaser, William Lehman Leasing is a full-service leasing company handling all makes and models since 1968. By choosing to lease one of our commercial vehicle models, you’re taking advantage of driving a new vehicle at a much lower monthly payment, and without the typical hassles that accompany ownership of a new vehicle such as depreciation, a large down payment, and the nuisance of finding a buyer should you choose to resell. That’s why most Floridians find commercial vehicle models for sale in Miami from Lehman Van, Truck & Bus Sales. Once you’ve found the perfect commercial vehicle from inventory, the next step is finding the best financing that fits your needs. Any businesses with good credit owners can be financed in-house without a credit agency reporting. Special financing is also available on used commercial vehicles for not so good credit customers with a proper down payment. Lehman Van, Truck, and Bus Sales will provide you with financing opportunities to choose from to make your dream of leasing or owning a commercial vehicle a reality

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If you’ve been searching for a commercial vehicle that won’t break your budget, make sure to come on down to Lehman Van, Truck & Bus Sales in Miami! We have the best prices as well as the best selection on commercial vehicle models, so pick whichever one you’d like. Make sure to also take a look at the easy and confidential online finance application. So give us a call or visit Lehman Van, Truck & Bus Sales in Miami to schedule your appointment today!

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