Lehman Leasing Van, Truck, and Bus Sales has a Variety of Quality Passenger Buses

If you are looking for a quality collection of passenger buses, William Lehman Leasing is the place to visit. We have a large inventory of new and pre-owned passenger buses and vans to serve your transportation needs. If you are shuttling people from location to location, reliable performance is crucial to ensuring passenger satisfaction. When you choose a William Lehman Leasing bus, you can be sure that your vehicle will deliver the performance you need to operate smoothly. Taking a risk with a less reputable dealer is not worth the potential hassle, and William Lehman Leasing has been serving customers since 1968. Visit us today to observe the full breadth of our extensive inventory!

Quality Passenger Buses Create Opportunities
Purchasing a passenger bus from William Lehman Leasing is a safe investment, due to our dedication to providing customers with high functioning vehicles. Our passenger buses are capable of comfortably transporting many passengers, and in our inventory, we have vehicles that are handicap friendly as well. You could also utilize the spacious interior of the bus to transport a considerable amount of cargo. Most importantly, our buses are made to keep everyone inside safe, which will allow you to operate your bus with peace of mind. We have passenger buses in a variety of makes and models, Chevrolet, Ford, and Freightliner. The respective age of these vehicles varies as well, so the range of choices is significant. Simply put, there are few places that lease quality pre-owned vehicles with such a large selection as William Lehman Leasing.

William Lehman Leasing Offers Excellent Customer Care
William Lehman Leasing has a long history of providing customers with quality vehicles, and our sales and finance staff do their best to simplify the buying process and make it enjoyable overall. You can fill out a credit application online before you come in, or simply come see us in person and we will step you through the process. We work with each customer on an individual basis to find the right terms for your particular financial situation. The list of brands we have available for leasing includes Starcraft, Eldorado, Glaval, Krystal, Blue Bird, and many more. Our sales staff would be happy to show you our full inventory and answer any questions you may have.

Passenger Buses are Best Leased from William Lehman Leasing
Those searching for a commercial vehicle in the Miami area can end their search – William Lehman Leasing has an extensive inventory of vehicles to meet your demands. The passenger buses we have available are numerous and are maintained in great condition. Give your customers what they deserve, and let them experience the comfort of a William Lehman Leasing passenger bus!

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