Box Trucks vs. Cargo Vans: What's the Difference?

2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Delivery Vehicle


Are you looking for a commercial vehicle for your Ft Lauderdale or Orlando area business? Do you know the difference between a box truck and a cargo van? We have put together this informative box truck vs. cargo van comparison to help you find the right commercial vehicle for your business. Learn more about the pros and cons of each vehicle as well as the differences between their construction, at William Lehman Van, Truck, and Bus Sales.



What Is A Box Truck?

Box trucks, also known as box vans or cube vans, get their name from the separate box-shaped cargo area that sits on the frame behind the cab. The cargo area cannot be accessed from the cab and usually has a rollup door on the back of the box. Although the box truck’s larger box is less aerodynamic than a cargo van, they tend to have more cargo volume and can handle more weight. The rear rollup door also makes it easier to load and unload larger items. These vehicles are generally used by moving companies or furniture stores.

What Is A Cargo Van?

A cargo van, such as a Ford Transit or Ram ProMaster, is where the cab and cargo area are one-piece and can normally be accessed from inside. Although cargo vans are similar in construction to passenger vans, there are differences. While both van types have sliding side doors and rear barn doors, cargo vans don’t have rear seating or rear windows. Cargo vans are often used by businesses like plumbers or electricians. Sometimes, cargo guards are added to separate the cargo area from the cabin.

Box Truck vs. Cargo Van: Which One is Best for You?

Now that we’ve looked at the construction differences, let’s consider each of their advantages:

Box Truck:

  • Cargo boxes with flat sides, taller roofs, and longer length provide more storage space.
  • Rollup rear door makes it easier to load and unload bulky items.
  • Larger flat sides to place larger advertising.

Cargo Van:

  • The smaller size makes them easier to maneuver and park
  • Handles more like a traditional vehicle.
  • Can access the cargo area from the cab without stepping outside.

While both vehicles have their pros and cons, the choice for you depends on your business needs.

Find Cargo Vans and Box Trucks at William Lehman Van, Truck, and Bus Sales

At William Lehman Van, Truck, and Bus Sales, we have a great selection of both box trucks and cargo vans for you! Contact us or come on down to meet with our sales professionals to help you get into the commercial vehicle that fits your needs and budget. We can also help you with financing. Be sure to fill out our online application before you come in!


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