The Versatility of Used Minivans

2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Rear
When looking to expand your fleet or make your operations more efficient with a pre-owned vehicle, consider the versatility of used minivans. You might think of them as the perfect family vehicle for Hollywood drives or running errands in Ft Lauderdale. But used minivans are an affordable way to improve your business operations without breaking the bank on a new vehicle.

Read our guide to the versatility of used minivans from the team at William Lehman Van, Truck, and Bus Sales near Orlando. We’ll take a look at how used minivans can help your commercial enterprise.

Easier Deliveries Than Larger Trucks in Used Minivans

Let’s say you have a delivery business that doesn’t require a large box truck on ordinary days. Used minivans are easier to handle when making deliveries of smaller sizes. There is just enough cargo space in the back to organize your items when you take out the seats or fold them down, which essentially turns your minivan into a cargo van.

Companies that might benefit from the versatility of used minivans include:

  • Floral shops
  • Caterers
  • Restaurants making deliveries
  • Local couriers making small deliveries within short distances
  • Medical supply companies

Easier to Customize or Upfit the Interior of Used Minivans

Another facet of minivans is passenger transportation. The versatility of used minivans offers many types of seating arrangements in the cabin. You can also convert the inside to a custom design with all-new upholstery, cargo management, or seating. You could even turn a minivan into a limo-like configuration! It’s also relatively easy to convert the inside for transporting people in wheelchairs.

Passenger transportation companies that might benefit from the versatility of used minivans include:

  • Taxi services
  • Limo companies
  • Medical transportation companies
  • Bus services
  • Public transportation organizations
  • Assisted living facilities

No Extra Training Required for Used Minivans

In many states, there is no extra training required to drive a used minivan versus larger box trucks because the weight rating is generally lower than what’s required for U.S. DOT CDL licenses. In other words, your workers simply need a valid driver’s license, with perhaps an endorsement as a driver for hire, to operate a used minivan in your fleet around Palm Beach and elsewhere.

Explore the Versatility of Used Minivans at William Lehman Van, Truck, and Bus Sales

Looking for a used minivan to increase your fleet size or upgrade what you have? Contact us or call (786)577-4948 to discuss your options. We’re happy to help you find an affordable way to improve your fleet operations.

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