Mobile Pop-Up Restaurants: Beyond Food Trucks

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Food trucks continue to innovate and restauranteurs are getting more bright ideas thanks to technology, customization, and an exciting niche market. Hot dog stands on street corners are so yesterday. If there is a restaurant serving a certain type of food, there is a food truck or mobile pop-up restaurants that serve it in Hollywood 



Read our guide to some of the most innovative mobile pop-up restaurants that serve fast, fresh, and yummy foods. Our inventory of cargo vans, flatbeds, and used trucks for sale can help you achieve your dreams of creating a unique dining experience in Ft Lauderdale and beyond.

Mobile Ramen Shop

Imagine turning the back of a cargo van into a tiny ramen shop that goes to businesses or even homes to serve the delectable Japanese staple food. The ingredients are fairly easy to store, and ramen is relatively easy to make. You could even have seating arrangements around the back and sides using fold-out platforms that hold two people each (seating for six). Once you’re finished at that venue, you move to your next location. The beauty of buying a cargo van for this purpose is that it fits into a standard-sized parking spot in Orlando.

Dumpling Cart

A dumpling cart, traditionally, is a two-wheeled wooden cart that a proprietor moves around by lifting the front end and pulling. Nowadays, they are three-wheeled bicycles that the cart owners pedal around town. You can take your dumpling game up a notch in Palm Beach with a cargo van conversion.

Sushi Boats

There are a ton of sushi concepts out there, and it’s difficult to stand out in this highly competitive market. Why not a sushi boat? Not the kind you eat from, but the kind you sit down in. Imagine towing a custom pontoon boat behind your cargo van that has seating for six to eight people. They climb into your mobile restaurant, watch your chefs expertly craft sushi, and enjoy a sit-down meal for 30 minutes.  

Full Outdoor Restaurants

Mobile pop-up restaurants don’t have to be small. Outfit a large utility trailer with reinforced steel, a sturdy floor, and fold-down sides. Within the trailer are chairs and tables. Meanwhile, your staff preps food in the truck that towed the trailer or a second truck that pulls up alongside. Your customers can relax and eat without having to worry about sitting on a curb, a hillside, or a landscaping wall. It’s comfortable, posh, and unique with these kinds of mobile pop-up restaurants.

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